This year for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month I am challenging myself to create one Survivors’ Square a day for the entire month.

Survivors’ Squares are 4 x 4 inch squares that are adorned with a DOTS Mandala and which contain an affirmation, prayer, or words of positivity on the back. Squares can be made on any substrate you choose — paper, canvas, wood, acrylic… It doesn’t matter the surface! What matters is that they are 4 x 4 inches, no more no less, a mandala using the DOTS method which includes Intentional Creativity practices, and are completed with positive words on the back.

Once I have completed all of the squares for the month, I intend to donate them to a local domestic violence shelter to be distributed to women who are new to the shelter. My hope is that this small trinket can help someone embarking on the road to separate herself from the violence by uplifting her spirits and being a source of strength as they begin their healing journey.

My Day 1 Survivors’ Square is complete — for the most part. I can’t decide if I want to add some dots in the four corners… I used purple and teal paint colors, as those are the colors associated with DV awareness. In fact, I plan to make all of the Squares with these two colors only (and maybe a pop of white as needed…). Here is a picture (the guidelines are still showing because I’m not so sure I’m completely finished):

Day One

I hope that you will visit me here each day of the month to see the beauty that can be created simply by making dots. No artistic skill required…

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