Whew chile! Some AMAZING changes have been happening in my life and I am EXCITED!

There are so many juicy things going on, I don’t know where to start… So I will first start by paying homage to the past things which I am leaving behind as I move forward into this new reality. As with all of life, there were good times and bad times as well as those “somewhere in between” times. No matter good or bad, all of those experiences helped to shape me and prepare me for what lies ahead. I won’t name them specifically because I have released them during my Winter Solstice ritual; but I will acknowledge that they are a part of my herstory.

There’s no room for dwelling on the past. Only acknowledgement of what was as a step forward toward what is and will be…

That said, my first bit of awesome news is that I recently moved into my own place! For the last 3 years, I shared a house with the homeowner, a young man whom the owner brought into the household, and a woman and her son who resided in the in-law suite. There were 8 people living in that house including my 2 Suns, and all though physically large enough, there was no room for the many different attitudes and outlooks on life. So, I made the choice to move me and my boys out of that toxic situation and into a space of our own. Best. Decision. Ever! It’s only been 8 days since we’ve moved and I already see a significant change in my boys’ attitudes and emotional/mental health.

Currently in the throes of unpacking, everything is coming together nicely! I am taking my time to unpack so that I can put this place together the way I want it to be. I am also doing some more purging and making decisions to put some things in storage. What I don’t want is clutter! Clutter is a depression trigger — both for me and for my Suns. It was unavoidable before, but now I have the power to make this space what I want it to be because I don’t have to work around other people’s things. The space has beautiful wood floors (wood laminate, not real wood), an open concept kitchen with breakfast bar, 3 bedrooms with an ensuite in the master (so 2 full baths), patio doors and lots of windows. Plenty of wall space for art and home decor, and I have purchased my first painting from one of the artists whom I plan to become a collector of her artwork (Milagros Suriano-Rivera). I also now have space to hang the triptych painting that I purchased from another artist of whom I have also become a collector (Valerie Rich).

My home is going to be banging!

My next bit of great news has to do with my work with Musea and the Intentional Creativity Foundation… As many of you know, I have been working with Shiloh Sophia for many years. Behind the scenes, in front of the camera (in limited quantities because I hate being on camera LOL), and in many many capacities. I am deeply involved in the work of both Musea and the ICF because I believe in what they do and what they offer to others. I am a recipient of the healing power of art through Intentional Creativity and one of my goals is to help ensure the perpetuity of the organization that is striving to bring this goodness to the world. I’ve volunteered on many projects, supported quite a few of Shiloh’s classes, done some editing for Shiloh’s writings, and am one of the Co-Curators for the Museum. The work is thrilling, challenging, and most importantly life full-filling. There is no better work one can do than to work in a field that they are passionate about, and I am very passionate about Intentional Creativity.

And my passion has been rewarded with an appointment to the Board of Directors for Musea!

I will be spearheading technology for the organization, both in a teaching and supporting capacity, as well as “other duties as assigned.” In addition, I will be a Guide for Shiloh’s upcoming year-long class, Prisma, where I will be teaching tech and supporting the cohort as they go through the class. With over 30 years in the information technology field, I am overjoyed to be involved in supporting tech again. And my 30+ years of experience is sure to be a boon to the organization as they continue to strive to have the best tech in place to serve their needs and the needs of their members and community.

Lastly, in addition to officially launching D.O.T.S. of Dopeness in 2022, I will be offering a day camp for girls from 12-16 years old (although with all that is happening with C-19, I will be moving it to an online format rather than in-person…). Cosmic Creativity Camp is designed to give the tools of Intentional Creativity to young girls as they move into the world of dating. It is a sacred self-care ritual that will hopefully help them to recognize and avoid intimate partner abuse — both physical and emotional. Cosmic Creativity Camp will give these girls the tools for sacred self-care, which will get them to know themselves and bolster their self-confidence and knowing what they want and deserve from the relationships in which they involve themselves. Statistics show that the highest rate of domestic violence against women happens between the ages of 18-24. Giving girls between the age of 12-16 a sacred self-care practice that they can carry through the rest of their life will give them the tools to know what is right for them and what isn’t.

WOW! What a powHER-full 2022 awaits me!! And I am GEEKED at what lies ahead for me, for what I am BE-coming…

My new year actually started at the Winter Solstice, when I was blessed to spend 2 hours on Zoom with my sacred sister circle. We passed Red Thread, invoked the Divine and Ancestors to be with us, did a process to release what no longer serves us as well as calling to ourselves what we wish to cause and create with this new turning of the wheel. We sat in community and love and welcomed the new year. On January 1st, I get to do another ritual to welcome the new year with the rest of the world. A creative ritual that will include paint, and brushes, and a canvas. Another chance to solidify my release and my claiming…

And I claim 2022 as my best year yet! Ase’ Oooooo!!!

4 thoughts on “Huge Change Has Come!”

  1. It has been such a blessing to witness your journey since we first met and to claim you as my Sister! Ever grateful for all the ways you support, witness, and inspire me! Here’s to 2022 and all you are claiming!!!
    Yay!!!! D.O.T.S of Dopeness is gonna be hot!!!!
    Love you!!!

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