Just a passing chance…

I filled out that profile

Because COVID removed the romance.

Locked indoors away from human contact

But my mind Be Free.

Creating opportunities for creativity,

I cleared my mind of what was ailing me

Making space for someone to Be For Me.

The Universe heard my call

And filled the void with God

See – all I needed was to go within

To excavate the yearnings of my soul

Earth, creating a new life is her mission

The realization of a new life was born through that which I was seeking

A spiritual Being to complete me

Not rule or control – it’s interdependence that will win my heart

And my submission…

You see, through life’s experiences I peeped the Knowledge

Which gave me the Wisdom to apply to find the solution, for Wisdom is action

And action leads to Understanding

That which I need to make me whole

He calls to me, “Peace Queen.”

And Lights up my soul.

What is this? Why am I so drawn to this Man?

It’s all Mathematics: 1 + 2 = 3

Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding

Bringing Allah into my life

Something tangible with which to place my faith –

Protector, Provider, Partner


My life has been touched by God

And he has offered me The Lessons.

And I am open to receiving what God has to offer.

Creativity opened me to Knowledge of Self

Manifesting the Guide I have been looking for

My twin flame – that which will Light the path

That will lead me to Paradise.

He has made love to my mental

Stealing away my heart.

Stirring up sensations in my physical

That have long been missed

And bringing me Peace.

Can it be at last that I can let down my guard?

A soldier has arrived to take the helm

And relieve me of the burden of being in an unnatural position

Allowing me to tend to this Earth, so I can continue my mission:

To ensure the stars shine bright

And be the Peace that God returns to each night.

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