Author, Visual Artist, Educator, DIVA — Divinely Inspired by the Vision of my Ancestors… The whisperings of my soul can no longer be contained within. It’s time to allow the writing to flow freely…

New Year, New Role, New Planner…

Although I love love love the Hobonichi, I leave much of it unused (the daily pages). And for the price, that just isn’t cost effective — and it’s a huge waste of the delectable Tomoe River paper.

Never Doubt Your Abilities…

I wake every morning with stiff joints (thanks RA!) and I live in constant pain (thanks fibro!). Also, it’s hard for me to work using my hands for more than a short time before they start cramping due to the CT. But — I am an Artist.

Impromptu Move…

Turns out life’s twists, turns, and flips has sidelined my plans to write here weekly. Here’s why and what I’m doing about it.

Embracing God

Just a passing chance… I filled out that profile Because COVID removed the romance. Locked indoors away from human contact But my mind Be Free. Creating opportunities for creativity, I cleared my mind of what… Read More »Embracing God


Today I got help creating my Survivors’ Square… I have teenaged boys and they always come into my home studio to hang out with me. My 18 year old happened to stop by for a… Read More »NDVAM Day 2


Survivors’ Squares are 4 x 4 inch squares, any substrate, adorned with a DOTS mandala on one side and an affirmation or prayer of positivity on the other.