New Year, New Role, New Planner…

Although I love love love the Hobonichi, I leave much of it unused (the daily pages). And for the price, that just isn’t cost effective — and it’s a huge waste of the delectable Tomoe River paper.

Huge Change Has Come!

WOW! What a powHER-full 2022 awaits me!! And I am GEEKED at what lies ahead for me, for what I am BE-coming…

Never Doubt Your Abilities…

I wake every morning with stiff joints (thanks RA!) and I live in constant pain (thanks fibro!). Also, it’s hard for me to work using my hands for more than a short time before they start cramping due to the CT. But — I am an Artist.

Impromptu Move…

Turns out life’s twists, turns, and flips has sidelined my plans to write here weekly. Here’s why and what I’m doing about it.

Embracing God

Just a passing chanceā€¦ I filled out that profile Because COVID removed the romance. Locked indoors away from human contact But my mind Be Free. Creating opportunities for creativity, I cleared my mind of what… Read More »Embracing God


Today I got help creating my Survivors’ Square… I have teenaged boys and they always come into my home studio to hang out with me. My 18 year old happened to stop by for a… Read More »NDVAM Day 2


Survivors’ Squares are 4 x 4 inch squares, any substrate, adorned with a DOTS mandala on one side and an affirmation or prayer of positivity on the other.