Wysdom Writes…

A documentary of my second Color of Woman journey and a sacred container for my writings.

About the Author

Author, Artist, Educator, DIVA: Divinely Inspired by the Vision of my Ancestors…

D.O.T.S. of Dopeness

Domestic violence Outreach for Transformation and Support…

Color of Woman

A 9-month deep dive into Self…

Featured Writings


Poem written for my ARTiculated LIFE JOURNAL offering.

Co-Creator’s Manifesto

Declaration to and for Self.


About the Artist

Author, Visual Artist, Educator, DIVADivinely Inspired by the Vision of my Ancestors… The whisperings of my soul can no longer be contained within. It’s time to allow the writing to flow freely…

Color of Woman

I became a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach in 2013. Eight years later I am revisiting that journey by auditing the Color of Woman 2022 class. This section of this sacred container is dedicated to my Color 2022 experience…

Wysdom Writes

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